Watch Kanye West's publicist apparently try to intimidate a Georgia poll worker to help Trump

There’s a real “mad libs” flavor to that headline, as is common in the Trump era of American politics.

In fact, as if to prove the point, one of the figures mentioned in the clip below happens to be named “Harrison Ford.” Not that Harrison Ford, a different Harrison Ford.

As one might expect, since there’s an ongoing glitch in the simulation we all live in.

The idea of a Kanye West employee trying to lean on someone over election fraud sounds like the makings of comedy but this Reuters report on what Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss have been through over the last year is one of the most harrowing stories of the entire “stop the steal” saga. Freeman and Moss were the poll workers seen in the surveillance video last December supposedly opening suitcases of illegal ballots in Georgia. That wasn’t true, but Trump’s campaign and a million MAGA fans online eagerly promoted the idea. The two women’s names were leaked and they haven’t had a moment of peace since.

Freeman had to move multiple times due to threats. Moss sounds like she’s suffering an ongoing nervous breakdown, unable to cook, clean, or even walk her dog reliably anymore. Both women changed their appearance and spoke to Reuters on the condition that the outlet wouldn’t take photos, describe what they look like, or say where they met with the reporters. Moss’s son was so unsettled by the threats from crazed Trumpers high on election-fraud propaganda (“Be glad it’s 2020 and not 1920. You would be hanging along with your mother.”) that he began failing in school. Their lives have been destroyed because the then-president and too many of his fans didn’t care who got hurt by his conspiracy theories. In fact, Freeman and her daughter both ended up on a list of names of people to be executed that was confiscated by the FBI from a January 6 insurrectionist.

Here’s what’s going on in the clip, per Reuters:

A publicist for hip-hop artist and Trump supporter Kanye West, [Trevian] Kutti warned Freeman that she’d be arrested soon on voting fraud charges and sought to pressure her into confessing in exchange for help, Freeman said…

Freeman said she ended the conversation. The episode made her wonder who she could trust. She concluded: “Nobody.”…

When Kutti – the Kanye West publicist and Trump supporter – paid her a visit, a wary Freeman called police and arranged to meet and talk with Kutti at the Cobb County police station. Kutti told an officer that Freeman “was in danger” and had “48 hours” to speak with her before “unknown subjects” turned up at her home, according to a police report.

That was January 4. According to Freeman, Kutti was right about what would happen 48 hours later. On the day that the mob attacked the Capitol, she claims that a separate mob of Trump supporters surrounded her home.

High on his own conspiratorial supply, Trump himself mentioned Freeman by name more than a dozen times in his phone call with Brad Raffensperger two days before Kutti paid Freeman a visit. How that visit was arranged is unclear at the moment but the January 6 committee should serve her with a subpoena immediately. Watch:

That’s what David Perdue has thrown in with in his blind ambition to become governor.

In fact, Perdue has been scrambling lately to show that he’s more supportive of Trump’s coup attempt than MAGA fans may assume. Steve Bannon attacked him a few days ago for having been “dead silent” while Trump tried to end American democracy, a potentially disqualifying liability in a Republican primary in 2021. So Perdue is trying to prove his authoritarian bona fides. He said Wednesday that, unlike Kemp, he wouldn’t have certified the election results in Georgia and would have called a special legislative session aimed at overturning the results. Today he filed a lawsuit asking to inspect Fulton County absentee ballots from the 2020 election, something that’s going to go nowhere legally — and which Perdue didn’t care about for 13 months — but which he hopes will signal to MAGA voters that he’s sufficiently pro-coup to earn their support in the primary against Kemp.

He’s vice-signaling. And he’s doing so knowing full well that he’s enabling fascist propaganda:

If Kemp beats him 100 to zero it still won’t be half as humiliating as Perdue deserves. Someone should send him the Reuters story about Freeman and Moss. We know Trump doesn’t care but let’s see if Perdue at least pretends to.