SNL's new game show: "Republican or not?"

An uncharacteristically clever, even mildly subversive bit from a show whose comedy and politics have grown stale. This isn’t just a dig at Republican hypocrisy, after all. Democratic hypocrisy is on the other side of virtually every statement in the clip.

We can play our own version of “Republican or not?” right here. First statement:

[X] was on CNN’S “State of the Union” Sunday morning and had been asked about a push in the GOP to remove from committee assignments the 13 House representatives who voted with nearly every Democrat to pass the $1.2 trillion bill, a key part of President Joe Biden’s agenda.

“When we talk about kicking people off of committees because they don’t like one vote or the other, again, I just think they have their priorities screwed up,” [X] said.

He also backed the censure of Republican Rep. Paul Gosar, who shared on Twitter an animated video that showed him killing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.

Not a Republican? Bzzzzz. That’s GOP Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire, who recently declined to run for Senate despite the Republican establishment begging him to do so. Sununu evidently doesn’t want to become an inmate in the congressional GOP insane asylum that holds Gosar as a member in good standing but wants pro-infrastructure Republicans tossed off their committees.

Next up:

“It’s outrageous, unacceptable and bad for the party,” [X] said in an interview about the former president’s intervention, which he termed “Trump cancel culture.” And it’s happening, he added, “with House members, governors and senators.”

Not a Republican? Bzzzzz. That’s GOP Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland, grumbling at the recent meeting of the Republican Governors Association about Trump targeting Republican gubernatorial incumbents who crossed him in last year’s election. Brian Kemp of Georgia is his chief enemy, of course, but Trump’s hostility seems to have also helped convince Doug Ducey of Arizona — who’d be a strong Senate candidate against Mark Kelly — not to run, potentially depriving the GOP of a pick-up. He’s even gone after some Republican governors who played no role in the election, endorsing Geoff Diehl in Massachusetts against GOP incumbent Charlie Baker. Baker is currently rocking a 72 percent approval rating but there’s a nonzero chance that he’ll be successfully primaried by MAGA types up there for his sin of having criticized Trump. That would all but hand the seat to a Democrat.

One more. Republican or not?

“I want to be clear,” [X] said during a private speech to the group. “I’m going to be supporting incumbent Republican governors.”

Republican? I’m … not sure what the verdict is on this one. That’s Mike Pence, a staunch conservative Republican but also the “traitor” who presided over the certification of Biden’s victory on January 6. Is he still a Republican in good standing? The “hang Mike Pence” wing of the party presumably wants a say in the matter.

Here’s the SNL clip, a rare success in the show’s 2021 incarnation.

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