Biden salutes "the great Negro," Satchel Paige

Biden salutes "the great Negro," Satchel Paige

He was indeed the finest pitcher of his day. Even better than the eminent Caucasian, Lefty Grove.

On the one hand, this innocent gaffe — clearly he meant to say “great Negro Leagues pitcher” — wouldn’t have been received as innocent by some on the left had it come from virtually any Republican. Partisans grant their side a nearly inexhaustible benefit of the doubt, never the enemy.

On the other hand, we should be charitable towards a 78-year-old whose brain is clearly mostly made of oatmeal at this point.

The most one can say of the “the great Negro” is that it’s not as cringy as “BIPOC” or “Latinx” or “pregnant people.” Our geriatric president losing his train of thought and stumbling into an archaic racial term is somehow still less alienating than progressives are by design.

Even if Biden had meant it the way it came out, it might not make the top five of the most inflammatory or insensitive things he’s said about African-Americans. A guy who once praised his future running mate for being “clean” and “articulate” and then told a black audience that Republicans wanted to put them back in chains has set a high bar to clear.

Since I can’t think of an exit question, I’ll leave you with the other cringy video that’s gone viral on righty Twitter today, a group of media-industry Zoomers trying and mostly failing to enjoy a meal at that southern favorite, Cracker Barrel. God only knows how the term “Cracker Barrel” would translate when run through the Biden gaffe-o-matic.

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