Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

With COVID cases in the U.S. in steady decline, the Sunday shows will take a break from pandemic coverage today. (Mostly.) Politics is the lead story, with the star guest the most powerful Joe in Washington. That would be Joe Manchin, who said a few days ago that not only will he not ditch the filibuster after the GOP blocked the January 6 commission, he’s also disinclined to use reconciliation again. That’s a problem for the other Joe, who’s counting on being able to go it alone with Democrats on infrastructure if talks with Senate Republicans break down. Manchin will talk with “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday” about the prospects for Biden’s agenda if he’s serious about blocking reconciliation and why the GOP’s decision to tank the commission seems to have made him more, not less, keen on bipartisanship.

Elsewhere, Facebook VP Nick Clegg will chat with “This Week” about the company’s decision to suspend Trump for two years, until early 2023. That came in response to Facebook’s “oversight board” declaring that suspensions shouldn’t be indefinite — yet the company has reserved the right to extend Trump’s suspension if his claims about the election continue to pose a risk to public safety, which amounts to an indefinite suspension in practice. Clegg will also (hopefully) be pressed on why Trump is too toxic for Facebook but various powerful foreign miscreants aren’t. If the company is all about applying its rules evenhandedly to politicians now, as it claimed a few days ago, why doesn’t that evenhandedness extend to politicians abroad?

Finally, former Trump campaign manager turned Super PAC advisor Corey Lewandowski will chat with “Fox News Sunday” about the odds of a Trump 2024 run and those distressing rumors that the former president thinks he might be “reinstated” at some point this year. The full line-up is at the LA Times.