Conservatives raise more than $65,000 for ... AOC's grandmother

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No, this isn’t an act of Christian charity.

I mean, it is. But that wasn’t the motive. The motive was to own the libs. One lib in particular.

Makes you wonder why more nonprofits haven’t followed a PR strategy of asking people to donate to good causes out of sheer spite for one’s political opponents. “Want to see progressives humiliated? Then give us your money.”


Conservative PACs have already cornered that market, I suppose.

It all started with this tweet from AOC:

That was the first item in a thread blaming the Trump administration and a fiscal control board with which it partnered for the difficulty Puerto Ricans have had obtaining recovery funds. Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire wondered, though, why Ocasio-Cortez’s grandmother hasn’t had her home repaired yet when her granddaughter makes a solid living in Congress — solid enough to afford a Tesla, in any case.

Other righties wanted to know too. AOC didn’t care for the line of inquiry but also didn’t address Walsh’s point:


She’s always thinking about systemic injustice, which is nice. But while we’re waiting for America’s many injustices to be redressed, how about she gets her grandma’s roof patched?

Abuela shouldn’t have to sleep in a dangerously moldy apartment until the Age of Progress begins.

Walsh decided to take the initiative that Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t or wouldn’t take herself, launching a GoFundMe this morning. Title: “Save AOC’s Abuela’s Ancestral Home.”

One cannot be certain of the cost to repair grandma’s house, but surely most of the work could be completed for the price of AOC’s shiny Tesla Model 3…

Sadly, virtue-signaling isn’t going to fix abuela’s roof. So we are.

Let’s all kick in to help save AOC’s abuela’s ancestral home. Any amount is appreciated, but the cost of a monthly lease payment on that Tesla is around $499…

All proceeds will be donated to abuela, if she will accept them.

Walsh kicked in $499 and was matched by Ben Shapiro. At least one donor contributed $1,000. In just a few hours, with Shapiro (and Ted Cruz) behind it, the fundraiser blew past its target of $50,000 and stands a little north of $65,000 as I write this.


And suddenly I’m burning with curiosity: Will AOC accept the money? How is she feeling about this? Does she feel owned by conservatives that they’ve raised a bunch for her grandma in the name of embarrassing her or is she like, “This is amazing”?

Showering your political enemies with cash is a bold new stratagem in our era of bitter partisan warfare. There’s no playbook here for her to consult.

I assume she’ll end up saying something like, “I’ll accept it but will donate it to Black Lives Matter.” Better that abuela’s roof continue to cave in than that Ocasio-Cortez let herself be owned by Shapiro and Walsh by using the money to pay for repairs.

Which reminds me: My, uh, abuela could also use some home fix-up, in case AOC rejects the money and Walsh is left figuring out what to do with it.

Exit question: How many people donated to the GoFundMe expecting that they’ll get their donation back because Ocasio-Cortez and her grandmother will refuse to accept it? That could be an expensive miscalculation.

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