Bill Maher: How else was Israel supposed to defend itself from Hamas?

Some of Maher’s right-wing opinions are a pleasant surprise, like when he recently went off on Democrats for exaggerating the risk from COVID, and others are pleasantly unsurprising. This one falls into the second category, as he’s made his pro-Israel views plain before.

Enough so that Rashida Tlaib once called for a boycott of his show. Remember?

Last night he got into it with NYT columnist Nicholas Kristof over Israel’s latest bout with Hamas — politely, but not yielding an inch. This goes on for 10 minutes but it’s worth your time, not because the arguments will be new to you but because it’s rare to see an extended defense of Israel from a host on a network that’s not conservative ideologically. Maher has grown more liberal over time (years ago he identified as libertarian, although he was always more of a libertine) but he does remain commendably politically incorrect in certain matters. This is a major example. Enjoy.

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David Strom 8:31 AM on October 05, 2022