Sunday morning talking heads

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File

Greetings and best wishes for a very happy Birthing People Day to all of our readers of no particular gender. Leading the Sunday shows this morning is the Liz Cheney drama within the House GOP, with … none of the major players booked to discuss it. No Kevin McCarthy, no Elise Stefanik, no Cheney herself.

Instead we’ll have to settle for proxies. Appearing on behalf of the anti-Cheney wing of the caucus, which now appears to include around 99 percent of Republicans, is Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana. He’ll chat with “Fox News Sunday” about Cheney’s refusal to move on from the topic of the election. Appearing on behalf of the pro-Cheney wing is Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who’ll remind “Face the Nation” that it’s Trump more so than Cheney who refuses to move on.

The week’s other drama involved Facebook’s advisory board upholding the company’s decision to suspend Trump from the platform. Board member (and former Bush-appointed federal judge) Michael McConnell will speak with “Fox News Sunday” about their ruling. Does McConnell think Trump should be reinstated eventually? Does it depend on whether he drops the “stop the steal” chatter? He’ll discuss with Chris Wallace.

Finally, with the pandemic seemingly in remission at long last, Anthony Fauci will be on to caution everyone that it’s not time to relax restrictions just yet. It never is, is it? He’ll talk to “This Week” and “Meet the Press” about the brightening COVID picture and whether we should start redirecting our enviable vaccine supply to countries like India that are in dire straits. The full line-up is at Politico.