Sunday morning talking heads

Joshua Roberts/Pool via AP

A slow news week leaves us with a comparatively low-key agenda for this morning’s Sunday shows. The star guest: Tim Scott, fresh off his rebuttal to Biden’s address to Congress. He’ll chat with “Face the Nation” about the prospects of a bipartisan deal on police reform in Congress and the ugliness he endured from some progressive critics who derided him as “Uncle Tim” after Wednesday night’s speech.

Also appearing on “Face the Nation” is White House chief of staff Ron Klain, who’ll discuss faltering demand for the COVID vaccine and the way forward on Biden’s infrastructure plan. Are they really prepared to split the bill in two in hopes of attracting Republican support for the roads-and-bridges part of it or are they intent on doing everything through reconciliation again?

Two lesser-known guests who are worth watching are Dr. Ashish Jha of Brown University and NYT reporter Jeffrey Gettleman, both of whom will appear on “This Week” and both of whom are closely tracking the COVID “apocalypse” in India. Gettleman is the Times’s New Delhi bureau chief and wrote a few days ago about how the situation is so dire that he and his family are afraid to leave home. A sample:

Dozens of houses in my neighborhood have sick people.

One of my colleagues is sick.

One of my son’s teachers is sick.

The neighbor two doors down, to the right of us: sick.

Two doors to the left: sick.

“I have no idea how I got it,” said a good friend who is now in the hospital. “You catch just a whiff of this…..” and then his voice trailed off, too sick to finish.

He barely got a bed. And the medicine his doctors say he needs is nowhere to be found in India.

If you’re curious for firsthand accounts on just how bad India’s crisis is, he’s the man to watch this morning.

Finally, Bernie Sanders will drop by “Meet the Press” to describe how happy it makes him to see Biden govern much further to the left than anyone expected, including leftists. The full line-up is at Politico.