Fun: Piers Morgan quits British morning show after storming off set over Meghan Markle

To cleanse the palate, he’s been off American television for seven years but I still resent CNN for making me know who he is.

Although, for once, he seems to be aligned with American conservatives in his take on “Megxit.”

This acidic piece he published yesterday in the Daily Mail ranting at length about the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah will give you a taste of how overbearing his antipathy to the couple is. He spent the last two mornings on the UK show he hosts, “Good Morning Britain,” laying into them as well. This morning one of his co-hosts, Alex Beresford, challenged him on it — and not just by disagreeing with him.

Beresford suggested that Morgan has an agenda, a personal one, in his dislike of Markle. And that accusation hit hard enough to lead Morgan to throw a fit in full view of the cameras:

Today was the second straight day that his hostility towards Markle caused him to make news on his show. Yesterday he implied that he didn’t believe her claims that she had been suicidal while living in the palace and that the royal family had offered her no help. Result: Tens of thousands of complaints by viewers to Britain’s telecom regulator.

Britain’s media regulator launched a probe into Monday’s episode of ‘Good Morning Britain’ after receiving 41,015 complaints about comments made by presenter Morgan.

“We have launched an investigation into Monday’s episode of Good Morning Britain under our harm and offence rules,” regulator Ofcom said in a statement.

Morgan cast doubt on Meghan’s comments in the interview. When his co-presenter noted that Meghan had said she’d been driven to the verge of taking her own life, Morgan replied: “She says that, yes.”

This morning he clarified on the air that he believes suicidal ideations should be taken seriously and that help should be offered if it’s sought. And yet, hours after he stormed off the set, news broke:

Was he fired for the suicide skepticism or for the tantrum or for a combination of the two? The piece you want to read before answering that question is this relentlessly cringy account of Morgan’s relationship with Markle by the Daily Mirror, which puts lots of meat on the bone of Beresford’s accusation. It sure does seem like Morgan’s ego was badly bruised after befriending a little-known American actress, becoming buddies with her, and then being dropped like a hot potato once she was en route to becoming one of the most famous people in the world. He’s spoken more than once over the years about having been “ghosted” by Markle, which may explain the unusual degree of nastiness in his public comments. Maybe having Beresford expose his stirring defense of the royal family as little more than a juvenile personal vendetta was too much for Piers’s pride to take. Now, suddenly, he’s unemployed.

He could always come back to U.S. television. Maybe we could pair him up with a former competitor, someone who used to go head-to-head with him on cable news and who also isn’t under contract anywhere right now. Why, they even agree on Harry and Meghan!