Kevin McCarthy: Greene's comments about executing Pelosi, other Dems are "deeply disturbing"

A follow-up to yesterday’s post about her extensive crankery before joining Congress, which she’s attempted to pawn off onto certain unnamed social-media managers who were supposedly in charge of her accounts at the time.

The easy out for the GOP to this point has been a tu quoque: Why should they trouble themselves to reprimand Marjorie Taylor Greene for her outlandish statements when Democrats have made no effort to do so with, say, Ilhan Omar? Yesterday’s news made that argument harder, though, because it had Greene seemingly endorsing violence against people who would eventually become her own colleagues in the House. Being a crank is one thing. Being a threat is something else.

McCarthy’s in a jam now, partly due to his own crackdown on Steve King last year for comments about white nationalism. He doesn’t want to antagonize Trump and MAGA by making an example of their new favorite congresswoman but he doesn’t want to look pathetic to the non-crank majority of his caucus by letting Greene slide completely, especially after he was appropriate tough on King. What’s a leader to do? According to Axios, the immediate plan is to evince concern and … give her a talking-to:

CNN reported Tuesday that Greene had floated executing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for treason, and “liked” Facebook comments suggesting the execution of FBI agents.

What they’re saying: Mark Bednar, a spokesperson for McCarthy, told Axios he is aware of the comments and will discuss them with Greene.

“These comments are deeply disturbing and Leader McCarthy plans to have a conversation with the Congresswoman about them,” Bednar said in an emailed statement.

Further complicating this for McCarthy is the fact that he’s always been soft on Greene, dating back to her primary run last summer. Some Republicans were livid that he didn’t do more to support her primary opponent in her House race in Georgia. He promised that he would, but then didn’t — an inexplicable lapse knowing what sort of headaches Greene would cause local GOP candidates and ultimately the House Republican caucus. (A Politico reporter wondered today how much Greene’s image is to blame for the GOP’s poor performance in Georgia’s Senate and House races.) Here’s the latest headache, an old video that’s gone viral today of a pre-Congress Greene pestering Parkland survivor David Hogg about his anti-gun activism:

I have nothing while this kid whose classmates were gunned down has everything, she complained, which may make more sense when you remember that she seems to believe Parkland was a “false flag” operation. That’s not the first time she’s made an allegation like that about a mass shooting either, per this other old clip that’s circulating:

Yet another episode that the media’s picked up in the past 24 hours is something called the “frazzledrip” matter in 2018, which, ah, lemme just let Vice tell it:

A video that was found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, the former Democratic congressman who was jailed in 2017 for sexting with a minor, began circulating on the “dark web.” The video was found in a folder on the laptop’s hard drive called “life insurance” and was named “frazzledrip.”

The bogus report says the video — which, to be clear, does not exist on the dark web or anywhere else — shows Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, Weiner’s former wife and longtime Clinton aide, raping and mutilating a young girl. Specifically, the video is supposed to show Clinton filleting the young girl’s face, and then taking turns with Abedin to wear the girl’s face as a mask in order to purposefully terrify the child so that her blood would be flooded with adrenochrome. The girl then bleeds out before Clinton and Abedin drink the blood during a Satanic ritual sacrifice.

Read the rest of Vice’s post to see how Greene — or one of her, ahem, social-media managers — suggested that the video existed and that Clinton had had a cop who knew about it murdered. Because we live in a big reality show now, Greene has journeyed in the span of three short years from posting QAnon-ish crackpot insanity like that about Clinton to having a little dust-up with Hillary herself on Twitter today:

I guess when someone accuses you of wearing a dead child’s face as a mask there are bound to be hard feelings. As for McCarthy, it’s anyone’s guess what he’ll do to Greene — pro forma condemnation, stripping her of committee assignments, or what have you. But he’s going to want to consult with his boss before making any moves:

Here’s Jen Psaki deciding that Greene is beneath the dignity of the White House to comment on. You’ll think differently when she’s the 2024 GOP nominee for president, Jen.