Portland mayor pleads with vandals: Don't you see that you've become a prop for Trump's campaign?

Via Mediaite, he’s not wrong. But it speaks volumes that this is what this guy feels he has to resort to in order to try to reach the consciences of the droogs who are still attacking police in his city. Reminding them that cops have families won’t work. Emphasizing that bystanders are destined to get caught in the crossfire between them and the police and end up injured or dead won’t cut it either.

Appealing to their decency is a nonstarter.

But appealing to their hatred by claiming that someone whom they detest even more than the cops might be profiting from their rampage? Now you’re talking. America’s political culture is one of intense negative partisanship and Ted Wheeler is all in.

On Wednesday night there was a riot. Last night there was an assault on Portland PD’s East Precinct involving some 200 people. Among the offenses described in the police’s account: Vandalism, attempted arson, assault, assault of an officer, and whatever you call it when someone tries to blow out the tires on a cop car.

Soon after the announcement was made, members of the group began to spray paint and dismantle the surveillance cameras on the front doors of East Precinct. One member of the group was successful in dismantling the surveillance camera. Several members of the group were spotted with cans of paint which were thrown towards East Precinct. Two elderly community members attempted to stop the group from vandalizing the building with paint and were subsequently hit with the paint

At 10 p.m., the group outside of East Precinct lit a garbage can on fire and pushed it up against the front of the building. Several thank-you notes on blue hearts from community members which were affixed to the front of East Precinct were used as an accelerant for the garbage can fire. An elderly community member came forward in an attempt to extinguish the fire. As she did this, group members stood in her way

As officers dispersed the crowd, they were hit with projectiles ranging from glass bottles to heavy rocks. Large rebar ties were thrown into the street with the intention of popping police vehicle tires. Several police vehicles ran over these ties which caused damage to tires.

There are photos and video:

Later in the evening, police had lasers shined in their eyes and one officer was “severely hurt” by a large rock thrown at their shoulder. Meanwhile, with Portland cops busy with Antifa and affiliated Jacobins, the city just experienced its worst month for murders in 30 years. Shootings in July were nearly triple the number in July 2019.

If you’re wondering whether there’ll be electoral consequences for that, the answer is no. There may be for Wheeler himself, as surely there’s an ambitious progressive or two in Portland willing to challenge him in a primary for being too pro-cop. But whoever’s next to lead the city will surely come from the left. The last time a Republican was elected mayor of Portland was during the Eisenhower administration. Ike’s first term, in fact, not his second.

In case you don’t have time to watch this entire virtual press conference, at one point you’ll find Wheeler helpfully pointing out to the vandals that they’re not demonstrating, they’re “attempting to commit murder.” I … feel like they know that, Ted.