Sunday morning talking heads

I can’t remember the last time we had a POTUS interview on the Sunday shows, but we’re getting one today. Normally he sticks to friendly fare like “Hannity” but his electoral predicament leaves him with no choice but to aim beyond the usual Fox News primetime fan base, whose votes aren’t enough to get him out of the hole he’s in. He’ll visit with the “hard news” side of the network to try to reach swing voters when he sits down with Chris Wallace for a chat on “Fox News Sunday.” Wallace was so eager to show the world that he wouldn’t go easy on Trump that he sneak-previewed a clip on Friday of him fact-checking the president in real time. Their discussion should be … lively, especially when Wallace inevitably confronts him about the latest polling.

Elsewhere, a smorgasbord of local officials will mull the question of when, and whether, to reopen schools in the thick of an epidemic that shows no signs of abating. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis will talk with “This Week,” Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine will speak to “Meet the Press,” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves will chat with “State of the Union,” and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan will sit with “Face the Nation.” Hogan has been on a Trump-bashing spree this week for reasons I don’t understand. There’s chatter about him eyeing a presidential run in 2024, in which case his criticism might be viewed as an early effort to establish himself nationally. But he has no hope of surviving a Republican primary even if Trump gets destroyed this fall and righties are left searching for a new political identity. He’s far too liberal. Maybe he’s thinking of forming a centrist third party?

Atlanta mayor and Biden VP longshot Keisha Lance Bottoms will also be on this morning, speaking to “Face the Nation” about Georgia’s epidemic and her legal battle with Gov. Brian Kemp about a mask mandate for her city. And of course all five shows will pay tribute to the late Rep. John Lewis, who passed away from cancer late Friday night. No one was scheduled yet as of Saturday morning to discuss his life and legacy but that will have been remedied by the time these shows go to air. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joe Biden turn up to address the subject. The full line-up is at the AP.