Newest target for statue vandals: Frederick Douglass?

In which the country’s most celebrated African-American abolitionist gets canceled for some reason. Place your bets now. Is this…

1. a particularly egregious example of wokesters not knowing or not caring enough about their history for it to deter them from smashing a very worthy idol?


2. reprisal vandalism by someone who’s angry at seeing statues of white Founding Fathers (and Confederate generals) vandalized by wokesters?

3. some sort of prank gone wrong by drunk college kids with a really, really bad sense of timing?

POTUS’s bet is placed:

The statue was targeted on the anniversary of Douglass’s famous speech, “What To The Slave Is The Fourth Of July,” which smells like a planned attack. But instead of smashing it where it stood or toppling it with ropes, the vandals moved the statue 50 feet away from its base, depositing it on the other side of a chain-link fence. Why do that? Were they trying to steal it and gave up halfway through? That part doesn’t seem so planned.

A disgrace either way:

“This is all that is left at this particularly moment of a monument that we put so much work and thought and love and care into,” said Carvin Eison, Project director, re-energize the legacy of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commemoration…

Leaders involved in the monuments creation believe that current national focus on race could have played a role in this.

“What comes of this? Is this some type of retaliation because of the national fever over confederate monuments right now? Very disappointing its beyond disappointing,” said [Eison].


There were reports circulating this morning that the statue is being repaired but Eison says the damage is too extensive and that it’ll need to be replaced. Interestingly, there was no graffiti on or around the statue, as is usually the case when a woke mob descends on a monument. I’ve seen no reports either of a crowd congregating near the statue beforehand. This appears to be a much smaller job than the vandalism across the country of the past month.

Don’t rule out the third theory up top. Two years ago, some college students pulled the statue down and carted it off. There were conflicting reports at the time about their motive:

A replacement statue of Frederick Douglass was installed Thursday after two college students are accused of ripping the former statue from its base at Alexander and Tracy streets in Rochester last weekend…

Cell phone video shows the two men carrying the statue down the street after removing it early Sunday morning.

A witness told News 8 the men were yelling racial slurs. However, Boedicker denied that, saying it was a drunken mistake, not racially motivated.


Could drunk college imbeciles have randomly targeted a statue of one of America’s greatest black statesmen on the anniversary of his most famous speech amid a wave of monument vandalism nationally … as a prank? It’d be quite a coinkydink. But as I say, the fact that the statue was moved rather than smashed does make it appear that the vandals were trying to make off with it. What’s that about?

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