Piers Morgan: Trump can show he cares about race relations by taking a knee in the Oval Office on live TV

For years it’s seemed like Trump’s famous line about how he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any votes has been getting truer. When he first said it during the campaign it was a half-joke about the devout loyalty of his supporters. It’s not really a joke anymore. He actually could shoot someone, I think, and count on his hardcore base to instantly start arguing that it was justifiable homicide, whatever the circumstances. There’s literally nothing he could do to alienate them. Not a thing.

Or so I thought.

But then I read this and it rocked my world, the same way it would rock the world of a scientist to see one of Newton’s laws or Einstein’s theories disproved.

It turns out there is something Trump could do to make MAGA Nation turn on him.

And Piers Morgan, of all people, is the pundit who had the insight to discover it. Somehow the gun-grabbing mediocrity who used to work for CNN has discovered the political equivalent of antigravity. It’s like finding out that Lawrence O’Donnell built a time machine.

It’s too late for words read off an autocue to have much effect at this stage.

No, if President Trump really wants to make a statement about race and unity, one that rocks the entire world, then with the American people watching live on TV, he should simply take the knee in the Oval Office.

In one stunning moment, Trump could heal so many wounds, unify so much of the country, and quite probably get himself re-elected.

Because it would show he finally gets it, and actually cares.

Of course, it’s the very last thing anyone would expect him to do.

But if Trump’s one thing, he’s constantly surprising.

Do it, Mr President – take the knee.

He’s quite serious. He’s really imagining the white-identity-politics president mimicking Colin Kaepernick’s protest gesture against police brutality despite the fact that Trump continues to grumble about it sporadically even now, four years later.

How would Tucker Carlson react if Trump did it? Would he rant for the full hour for an entire week’s worth of shows, or would he just set himself on fire like that Buddhist monk that time in Saigon?

The punchline is that no one would come away believing that Trump “actually cares.” His critics would bust out laughing at how far he’s willing to go in the foolish belief that he can steer a meaningful number of black voters away from Biden. And his fans would rage that he’d sold them out, pressured by his treacherous globalist advisors into a gesture that epitomizes racial “political correctness.” If by chance he did manage to momentarily impress some voters, he’d undo it the next day by tweeting out that he’s back on the case of finding Obama’s secret Kenyan birth certificate or whatever. In the end, by angering the right and insincerely pandering to the left he’d ruin his chances at reelection, not guarantee them.

I mean, the guy is reportedly having Stephen Miller write his speech on racial reconciliation. He’s not going for “earnest gestures” on this subject. He’s going for “check the box.”

Somewhere in a parallel dimension new chief of staff Piers Morgan has somehow managed to persuade Trump to do this and the big debate right now in the West Wing is whether he should wear kente cloth when he does. My vote: Yes.

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