Sunday morning talking heads

To reopen or not to reopen, that is the question. Except it’s really not a question at this point: All but the biggest bluest states are in some phase of reopening as I write this, including Massachusetts. Today’s Sunday shows will weigh the risks and rewards, typically by featuring at least one public health expert and at least one economic expert. For instance, on “Meet the Press” it’s White House advisor Peter Navarro (who warned presciently in February that we were facing a major coronavirus crisis) and epidemiologist Tom Inglesby. Similarly, “Fox News Sunday” will talk with economist Mohamed El-Erian and former CDC director Tom Frieden.

We want marquee names, though, right? Here you go: “State of the Union” will host two governors who’ve been praised for their early efforts to stop the spread through aggressive lockdowns but whose paths have now diverged somewhat on reopening. Ohio’s Mike DeWine is moving ahead with lifting restrictions while California’s Gavin Newsom is more reluctant, especially with regard to L.A. County. A third governor of interest will chat with “Fox News Sunday.” That’s Colorado’s Jared Polis, who’s also lifted some restrictions and is poised to lift more this week. Polis will be asked about the restaurant that opened up for Mother’s Day in protest of mandatory closures and what sort of penalties he has planned for them.

Elsewhere, HHS chief Alex Azar will chat with “Face the Nation” and “State of the Union” about Operation Warp Speed, the White House’s COVID-19 Manhattan Project to deliver a vaccine by the end of 2020. He’ll also be grilled on what he thinks about the trend in states reopening despite not meeting the guidelines the White House announced last month. And Nancy Pelosi will sit down with “Face the Nation” to discuss the Democrats’ latest policy random demands for a fourth wave of coronavirus relief for the American people. The full line-up is at the AP.