Sunday morning talking heads

Sunday morning talking heads

The outcome in Nevada is still unknown as I write this on Saturday morning — and may still be unknown as you read this on Sunday morning — but one way or another it’ll be a big day for Joe Biden, the lead guest on “Face the Nation.” Either he roared to a stunning upset last night and his presidential hopes are reborn or he … did not, in which case he’s all but done even if he holds on to win South Carolina next weekend.

I know which way I’m betting.

The Sunday shows are destined to be brimming with other 2020 candidates this morning spinning last night’s outcome but only Tom Steyer is a sure thing. He’ll be on “Fox News Sunday” to preview his chances in South Carolina, where he’s currently in third place and stands a real chance of siphoning off enough votes from Joe to enable a Bernie Sanders upset. As for the rest of the field, assuming Bernie came through with a win in Nevada as expected, most of today’s chitchat will involve fantasies about how they might conceivably possibly theoretically halt the Sanders express before Super Tuesday. Spoiler: Unless Mike Bloomberg’s prepared to drop $500 million in Sanders attack ads tomorrow, it won’t happen.

If you’re bored of the Democratic primary, Trump national security advisor Robert O’Brien will also be on “Face the Nation” to discuss the two big Russia-related scoops at the end of the week. What does he know about that curious briefing given to Schiff’s committee by Shelby Pierson alleging that Russia’s trying to help Trump again in this fall’s election? And what does he know about Russian efforts to help Bernie Sanders, which conveniently leaked after the Pierson story dropped — and right on the eve of the big vote in Nevada? Expect him to also be asked about this NYT scoop that the National Security Council he chairs is no longer in the business of giving foreign-policy advice to the president, which is supposed to be the reason it exists. The full line-up is at the AP.

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