New Hampshire voter to MSNBC: I voted for Bernie because MSNBC is so unfair to him

A trifle to enjoy while we wait for results tonight.

There’s something so familiar about cable-news-watching populists choosing a burn-it-all-down outsider candidate partly in the name of spiting the media.

I can’t put my finger on it, but it’ll come to me.

What’s novel in this clip is that it’s the left’s network of choice, MSNBC, that she’s aiming to spite, not Fox News. I never watch it so I can’t vouch for her point but it’s certainly true that one well-known host on the network is vocally anti-Bernie. It wouldn’t surprise me if his support within the network is lukewarm at best — not among the harder ideologues like Maddow and Chris Hayes, who will surely feel the Bern if he’s the nominee (assuming they’re not already) but among the majority of their anchor stable. They’re all lefties, but they’re also all well paid. And they’re elites whether they want to admit it or not.

Those are Warren voters, the wine set. The “progressive but not grubby about it like those DSA types” set. The sort who get a gleam in their eyes while watching precocious technocratic manchild Pete Buttigieg before concluding that he’s too young and slick. The type who like Amy Klobuchar and want to be supportive of a woman but find her … unpredictable when push comes to shove. In their hearts they’re Warren voters. It stands to reason that they’d resent Bernie.

Gonna be a rough night for them. A rough month, really.