Sunday morning talking heads

It’s my honor and privilege to welcome you to the first morning of Sunday shows in the post-impeachment era. No Adam Schiff today!

Say those words again: No Adam Schiff today. They’re almost musical.

The bad news is that it’s wall-to-wall 2020 Democrats instead, led by the new frontrunner in New Hampshire, “Creepy Pete” Buttigieg. He’ll be on four of the five Sunday shows, all but “This Week,” hoping to parlay the momentum he’s built in NH polling since Iowa into an upset win this Tuesday night. From the beginning Buttigieg’s strategy has been media-intensive, knowing that was the only way he could build name recognition on par with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren was to be all over television at every possible moment. It paid off last week. He’s all-in on it this morning.

But he’s not the candidate to watch. That distinction goes to Joe Biden, a man who’s been conspicuously absent during the campaign not just from the Sunday shows but from television interviews generally. Right, true, he doesn’t need to do them; he’s one of the most well-known politicians in America thanks to his time as VP. But given his often shaky performance at the debates, the suspicion that he’s been holding back because he doesn’t feel up to the challenge is inescapable. If he had won Iowa or finished a strong second I doubt we’d be seeing him this morning. As it is, having finished fourth and staring at another fourth-place finish in New Hampshire, he no longer has the luxury of ducking TV. He’ll be on “This Week” to explain what went wrong with his campaign and how a guy who may not have enough money to even visit all of the Super Tuesday states next month can possibly compete long-term with Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, and a surprisingly strong Mayor Pete.

Bernie and Elizabeth Warren will also put in some face time today, with Sanders set to chat with “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” and “State of the Union” and Warren scheduled to follow Biden on “This Week.” But if none of that grabs you, two guests presiding over major disasters are booked this morning as a change of pace: The Chinese ambassador to the United States will speak to “Face the Nation” about the growing coronavirus epidemic in his country while DNC chair Tom Perez discusses the rolling clusterfark in Iowa with “State of the Union.” Can Perez contain the virus of humiliating incompetence before it infects Nevada’s caucus too? Stay tuned.

The full line-up is at the AP. In case you were hoping to catch Warren’s interview this morning and can’t for whatever reason, no worries. We already know what she’ll say, as the clip below demonstrates. People like to say that Buttigieg is robotic, but errrr…