Poll: 62% of New Hampshire Dems would rather see a meteor extinguish life on Earth than Trump get a second term

Poll: 62% of New Hampshire Dems would rather see a meteor extinguish life on Earth than Trump get a second term

I’ve seen a lot of jokes in the righty blogosphere since 2012 about nominating SMOD.

I had never seen a poll actually testing SMOD’s chances against an incumbent president. Until today.

Kudos to the UMass Lowell polling outfit for asking this important question, so often overlooked by snooty pollsters who “take their jobs seriously.”

I wonder what demeaning nickname Trump will devise for the meteor. “Scientists say Space Cuck isn’t large enough to wipe out Europe, let alone the whole world. Size matters!”

My favorite number there is the 51/49 split among Dems who makes $100,000+. The lower-income lefties? Sure, bring on the meteor. The well-off? Let me think about this.

Much will be made of this data as proof that Democrats have lost their collective minds, that Trump Derangement Syndrome has led them down the path of preferring the end of homo sapiens to four years of Trump tweeting every day about how jealous Mitt Romney is of his 2016 victory. (In fairness, it’s a close call.) But of course no one takes a poll question like this literally. Obviously, the meteor option is there as a jokey way of trying to measure how intensely Dems want to see Trump ousted. If you got a call from a pollster asking if you’d rather be struck by an asteroid or endure four years of President Elizabeth Warren, what would you say?

Supervolcano eruption or President Warren?

Alien armada invasion or President Warren?

Eaten by wolves or President Warren?

Adam Schiff on an endless loop on American television lecturing about “norms” and “the republic” or President Warren?

Ah, see, the last one’s tricky, and not just because the first option in this case is so terribly bleak. It’s because the partisan instinct is triggered by both parts of the equation. No doubt by the time we get to November the instincts on both sides will be so ferocious that people will claim they’d rather eat wild game at a Chinese market than vote for the other party’s candidate.

All of which is to say that Dems don’t really prefer SMOD to Trump. Where would you get the silly idea that they’re cavalier about the value of human life?

Then again, it’s not to say they’re all sane either. Here’s Joy Behar admitting today on “The View” that she’s getting “nuttier and nuttier.”

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