Sunday morning talking heads

Our many months of impeachment-flavored Sunday shows are mercifully almost over but we’re not quite past them yet. Two more weeks at least before this topic is officially stale (and maybe not even then, depending upon when John Bolton finally finds himself in a talkative mood). The star guest this morning is the man who almost singlehandedly assured that Bolton wouldn’t be hauled before the Senate this week: That’s Lamar Alexander, the would-be 51st vote for calling witnesses who decided in the end against doing so and ended up dragging Lisa Murkowski along with him. To his credit, he’s not hiding from his vote. He’ll face the music this morning on “Meet the Press,” answering questions about why it wasn’t worth hearing from Bolton firsthand despite the fact that we can’t know how much incriminating information he might have. Expect Chuck Todd to come after him hard over his claim description in his statement Thursday night that Trump’s actions towards Ukraine were “inappropriate.” If that’s true, would he support a censure resolution aimed at the president?

He must feel reeeeeally sure that Trump misbehaved if he didn’t want to give Bolton a chance to clear the president on the stand.

The other main topic this morning is tomorrow’s Iowa caucus, of course. The two Democrats whose chances at the nomination depend most heavily on a good showing on Monday night are set to make their final argument to Iowans to send them on to New Hampshire with altitude. Pete Buttigieg will guest on “Meet the Press,” “Face the Nation,” and “State of the Union,” where he’ll address the bogus controversy over his “heartland” tweet earlier this week. Meanwhile, Amy Klobuchar will chat with “Fox News Sunday” about the prospects for a last-second burst of Klomentum at the caucus. She needs centrist votes and Buttigieg and Joe Biden are hoarding them. Biden’s support won’t collapse. Could Mayor Pete’s?

Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst will also be on “State of the Union” to discuss Trump’s trial, tomorrow’s caucus, and the … interesting connection she drew between the two a few days ago. And Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz will talk with “Fox News Sunday” about his own … interesting theory that pretty much anything a president does short of a statutory crime to help his reelection is in the public interest and therefore not impeachable.

Oh, and yes, of course Adam Schiff will be on TV. “Face the Nation.” You shouldn’t even need to ask at this point. The full line-up is at the AP.