Pelosi marks sad, solemn, prayerful impeachment with souvenir signing pens for Dems

Jerry Nadler punctuated the moment by doing an Ole-Miss-style “dog pee” end-zone move with a picture of Trump.

But he did it solemnly and prayerfully, please note.

That’s a lotta pens:

She was all smiles during the signing ceremony, painstakingly rendering her John Hancock by using a different pen for each letter so that she could hand them out like dog biscuits later to Nadler and the rest:

Maxine Waters was especially excited for her party favor. But then that stands to reason: Today a dream she’s had for years came true.

I wonder if the DNC will auction off a few pens to raise some ResistanceBucks.

Even critics not normally inclined to defend Trump found the spectacle tacky. “Pelosi has handled the optics of impeachment well, right up until that signing ceremony, which was awkward,” said Never Trumper Tom Nichols. “Handing out pens should have been done in private. This was not some celebratory moment.” CNN was also put off on what you’d otherwise assume was one of the happiest days in the network’s history:

There’s nothing novel about multiple pens being used as souvenirs to sign a bill. Trump himself used multiple pens this morning to sign the new “phase one” trade deal with China. But major legislation is viewed as an achievement by supporters, the fulfillment of a years-long effort towards progress on some policy that’ll benefit Americans. That’s cause for celebration. Whereas impeachment is the single most divisive thing the House can do, a process to be undertaken with the greatest reluctance for fear of what it’ll put the country through. That’s been the stated view of Pelosi herself at every step of this process, up to and including the final impeachment vote. Until now.

Here’s an unhappy Greg Gutfeld on Fox News this afternoon after watching Pelosi’s solemnly prayerful and prayerfully solemn pen giveaway. Exit question: Why didn’t Pelosi make Justin Amash one of the impeachment managers? It sounds like he was game. And it would have been a way to show the public that this isn’t a purely partisan left-wing endeavor.