Rashida Tlaib on black suspects' murder of Jews in Jersey City: "White supremacy kills"

An embarrassing clown, unable or unwilling to restrain her dogma even for the five seconds it would have taken to check the facts before tweeting about an anti-semitic murder.


Here’s one of the two prime suspects in the massacre, a man with “connections” to the Black Hebrew Israelites, a group the SPLC has called “black supremacists.” Black supremacy also kills, it seems.

How did Tlaib miss the news about who the shooters were?

Needless to say, Benjy Sarlin is correct about this:

That’s the point. Tlaib already deleted her tweet but hasn’t yet commented on how she came to make this mistake. It’s unthinkable that she’d be candid and admit to a knee-jerk reaction driven by her particular prejudices. More likely, I’m thinking, she’ll say that she was wrong but that white supremacy is *usually* a good guess in murders of Jews so she’s right in the larger sense.

Or maybe she’ll be more ambitious and claim that white supremacy somehow “colonized” the shooter’s mind. Stay tuned.

What’s really crazy is that this isn’t even the most “problematic” thing a member of the Squad has tweeted this morning. That distinction belongs to AOC, who tweeted out her full-throated support for a party whose victory today in the UK elections would leave Britain’s Jews anxious about their future in the country:

Tlaib cared little enough about an anti-semitic shooting spree to read a single article about it, AOC cares little enough about an anti-semitic takeover of Labour to withhold her endorsement from them. Corbynization isn’t the future of the American left, it’s the present.

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