Retaliation: White House staffers now leaking about how badly Scaramucci treated them

How pissed is Trump at Scaramucci for turning on him? Exhibit A: Pushing innuendos about the guy’s wife.

As gross as that is, you can understand why Trump would resort to such a tactic. The last time he tried it on a political opponent, that guy became a loyal servant to him.

Exhibit B: Using Mooch’s own words of praise — and there were many — against him.

Next we should find the dope who decided to hire Scaramucci and publicly humiliate him too.

Exhibit C, a tried-and-true Trump technique: Start leaking salacious dirt about your enemy to the papers.

Scaramucci’s gravest human resources sin featured telling a female White House official that he heard she was sleeping with a more senior male official, many sources said…

A person who spoke with Scaramucci said he defended himself as merely wanting to make the woman aware of what others were saying. Other sources, however, believe Scaramucci invented the allegation…

Several female staffers felt he repeatedly verbally harassed them and would physically loom over them as an intimidation tactic. Several staffers were preparing to quit before he was let go,” one source said.

“With the guys it wasn’t any easier. It was very in our face,” a different source recalled.

“Everybody’s nerves were pretty rankled because he was behaving so erratically in meetings,” recalled a third source. “It was like being in an abusive relationship. You didn’t know when the next punch would be.”

The only surprise is that that story came from the Examiner instead of POTUS’s friends at the National Enquirer. Maybe Trump’s saving the sleazy stuff, the “something big” that was supposedly happening to Scaramucci’s wife, for the tabloids.

The problem Scaramucci has, and will continue to have, in his turn towards the Resistance is explaining why his objections to Trump took so long to reach a point where further support became unconscionable to him. It’s the same problem Joe Scarborough and the “Morning Joe” crew have had in explaining their own belated Trump-hatred. Where’d it all go wrong, exactly? Why wasn’t, say, the proposal for a global ban on Muslims from visiting the United States — which is now almost four years old — enough to make them steer clear? Scaramucci acknowledges in his new WaPo op-ed that it took him a loooong time to reach this point and admits repeatedly that he was wrong, wrong, wrong in hindsight (“While it’s difficult and embarrassing to admit my errors in judgment, I believe I still have the ability to make amends”) but he never quite answers the point Paul Mirengoff makes about this. Namely, “All of the flaws in Trump that Scaramucci now purports to find disqualifying were there for all to see long before he agreed to serve as the White House communications director. When he took that job in July 2017, Trump’s narcissism, inflammatory rhetoric, and unwillingness to tolerate even mild criticism had been on extravagant display for two years.”

Trump is who he’s always been and always will be, which makes it impossible to take Scaramucci’s apologia at face value. A bright guy like him obviously knew who Trump was all along; he’s seen him up close. And so, this very, very late reversal can only be the product of an ulterior motive. What is it? Is it as simple as Mooch feeling the need to be on TV again? Does he have some sort of business opportunity we don’t know about that requires him to be adamantly anti-Trump, like writing a book? The idea that it was Trump’s war of words with the Squad, of all things, that finally sent Scaramucci over the edge is preposterous. What’s the real angle here?