Trump phones supporter after rally: I'm sort of sorry for calling you a fatty in front of the whole arena

To cleanse the palate, I say “sort of” because you-know-who doesn’t apologize. Ever. Even when he’s accidentally clowning on his own fans.

Sometimes the self-declared greatest counterpuncher in the world lands a blow on the wrong person.

That was the case on Thursday night, when President Trump fat-shamed a man who he thought was a protester being disruptive in the upper rungs of the stadium in Manchester, N.H., where the president was holding a campaign rally. Instead, the man turned out to be a supporter of the president who was trying to assist in removing the actual protesters…

Mr. Trump’s aides tracked down Mr. Dawson’s contact information [afterward], and the president called him from Air Force One, shortly before takeoff from New Hampshire. He got Mr. Dawson’s voice mail. He did not say the words “I’m sorry” or “I apologize,” an aide to the president said, but said he didn’t mean to refer to Mr. Dawson and thanked him for his support.

The Trumpiest thing about this story isn’t POTUS telling someone to lose weight in the mistaken belief that he was a protester, or even the fact that Trump himself is a good 50 lbs. into “chunky” territory. (He winked at that fact in the clip below, you’ll see.) It’s his toadies in the White House dialing up reporters to make sure they’re absolutely clear that he. did. not. apologize. Even though the victim of the insult was a diehard supporter.

Here’s the incident followed by a Fox News interview with Trump’s husky fan, who’s clearly elated at having received the MAGA equivalent of a blessing from the Pope. POTUS could call someone a lard-ass on Fifth Avenue and not lose a single vote!