WTH: Ghislaine Maxwell photographed ... having a burger at an In-N-Out in L.A.

Am I hallucinating?

Is this really her?

Because it sure looks like her.


Yesterday the word was that she was hiding out in a mansion in New England, unwilling to show her face in public. This morning the Daily Beast offered a new lead, claiming that she’s in France — possibly at an apartment in a ritzy part of Paris owned by Epstein, and in such deep seclusion that she won’t even take calls from friends.

Turns out, no, she’s in L.A. Among the public.

Having a burger at In-N-Out.



The 57-year-old was photographed alive and well Monday by an eagle-eyed diner at the burger joint in Universal City, Los Angeles.

Once spotted, Maxwell — who was sitting alone with a pet pooch — told an onlooker: “Well, I guess this is the last time I’ll be eating here!”

“He’s at In-N-Out every single day,” the source said [of the photographer]. “He went up to her and asked, ‘Are you who I think you are?’ She replied, ‘Yes, I am.’”

Maxwell was reading a book called “The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives” and seemed resigned to having her picture snapped, the source said.

She’s out and about, less than a week after Epstein died, toting around a book about CIA OPERATIVES DYING MYSTERIOUSLY.


Is this some sort of troll? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I will say that, in hindsight, it seems so simple to guess what city she was in. Where else would a degenerate feel safer showing her face in public than in L.A.?

But why would she be at an In-N-Out, of all places? In addition to her many other crimes, Maxwell is patronizing the chain with the worst fries in America.

No, really, though, this has to be a prank. America is a tolerant place — complacent, even — but I have to believe that an accused co-conspirator in an international pedophile sex-trafficking ring would feel anxious about her public safety while roaming the streets, especially at a moment when she’s in a white-hot media spotlight. Either the photo sent to the Post is old or a Maxwell lookalike is pranking the paper. The book is the “tell.”

Okay, deep breath. At least that’s the last crazy Epstein story we’ll need to endure from the New York Post tod—- WAIT, WHAT:

The American flags on Jeffrey Epstein’s private Caribbean island have been lowered to half-staff in the wake of his apparent suicide behind bars, according to a new report…

Though it wasn’t clear who lowered the two flags on each end of the 70-acre property, Quinn said she believes it was one of Epstein’s employees.

“They’re doing this as a remembrance, but the irony is he’ll only be remembered for the deviance,” Quinn said of the convicted pedophile and accused child sex trafficker.


Let this serve as formal public notice that I’m organizing a mission to the islands to raise the flags. We’re going to storm the beach, take out Epstein’s pedophile praetorian guard, and rise the Stars and Stripes like it’s farking Iwo Jima. Either that or Trump should just nuke the islands. It may be his best chance at reelection, to be honest.

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