Let's look in on the democratic socialist convention and see how it's going

Let's look in on the democratic socialist convention and see how it's going

Something light to cleanse the palate on a dark day. Note that they’re literally calling each other “comrade” here with no trace of irony.

To my surprise, the national DSA confab this weekend isn’t getting much media attention. By any measure, they’re a rising force politically. Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, is second in most presidential primary polling. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the biggest online following of any member of Congress and her comrades in the Squad are now national figures thanks to their war of words with Trump. Yesterday’s convention festivities featured 19 socialists who’ve been elected to local office back home. Seems like the media should be keeping tabs on what’s going on.

Unless, I suppose, they’ve concluded that what’s going on might be unhelpful to the Democratic cause.

Delegates of the Democratic Socialists of America convened in Atlanta for their 2019 National Convention, where they overwhelmingly voted in favor of resolutions that, among other things, call for open borders and endorsing a Green New Deal program.

Brandon Rey Ramirez, a DSA member and co-sponsor of the Open Borders resolution, stated in a press release that DSA “unapologetically support[s] free movement for all people. It is unacceptable that a Fortune 500 corporation can ship a job across a border without consequences while a mother crossing a border to see her child is put into a concentration camp.”

The Open Borders resolution calls for the “uninhibited transnational free movement of people, the demilitarization of the US-Mexico border, the abolition of ICE and CPB without replacement, decriminalization of immigration, full amnesty for all asylum seekers, and a pathway to citizenship for all non-citizen residents.”

Trump lies about a lot of things but the far left’s enthusiasm for forfeiting America’s national sovereignty isn’t one of them.

The convention’s final day is livestreaming on Facebook as I write this at 1 p.m. ET in case you’re looking for a diversion from the news. Exit question via Jesse Singal: Isn’t this supposed to be a workers’ movement? How many blue-collar American voters would relate to the clip up top, never mind the plan to allow “free movement” of low-skilled workers into the U.S. labor market?

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