Video: "Harriet" trailer

To cleanse the palate, lots of positive chatter on social media for this one today on the left and right alike. Easy prediction: Public support for the Tubman Twenty will surge after it’s released.

And maybe there’ll be some strange new respect for the idea that gun rights are a crucial guarantor of personal freedom.

I’m giving you the other buzzworthy trailer of the past 48 hours below as well, one that’s less appealing. The subject is highly appealing, as is the lead actor, but they don’t work together, I think. Hanks is simply too iconic an actor at this point to inhabit a role in which he’s playing another famous person. He’s not Mister Rogers, he’s Tom Hanks doing a Mister Rogers impression. Also, although any Mister Rogers biopic would bathe the viewer in warm fuzzies, we’re at risk of a schmaltz overdose from this one judging from the trailer. The nicest guy in Hollywood playing the nicest guy in the universe? With an uncanny all-you-need-is-love twinkle in his eye the whole way through? I’ll need to listen to death metal for three days to regain my psychic equilibrium.