Fine, here's the "Top Gun 2" trailer

There are more important things worth writing about today, but…

No, there aren’t. One of the most iconically cheesy movies of the 1980s has finally gotten its sequel, with the most famous movie star in the world reprising his lead role. There’s nothing more important. It’s the biggest news out there.

Trump should have premiered this in the Oval Office, for fark’s sake.

In case you’re not keeping track, Hollywood is in the process of reviving every hit action film of the decade when Trump first made his mark on America’s consciousness. The new “Top Gun” is here. We’re getting a new “Rambo” soon. The next “Terminator” arrives this fall. There’s even a revival of “The Karate Kid” on YouTube, which, although technically not an action movie, is sewn into the same patch of the American cultural quilt. All of which raises a pressing question:

When we will finally check in on Det. John McClane and see what he’s up to in this golden age of making America great again?

Oh, right. We’re getting a new “Die Hard” soon too.

Makes sense. We have a president who got elected by convincing older right-wingers that he’d restore the America they remember so fondly. Naturally Hollywood noticed and is cashing in by restoring the American movies they remember fondly too, replete with the same aging stars. We are but memberberries clustered together on a vine, croaking at each other, “‘Member how much everyone liked ‘Top Gun’ even though in hindsight it’s so hokey that it can only be enjoyed with so-bad-it’s-good ironic distance?”

Looks like this one will be pure fan service, as these movies tend to be, right down to revisiting the beach volleyball scene. Can Maverick fly an F-15 with a broken hip? We’ll see.