Shaun King: The Antifa terrorist who was killed while attacking an ICE detention facility is a martyr

The tweets have since been deleted, whether because King thought better of them (unlikely) or because Twitter warned him privately that even a Woke Jedi would have to be banned for appearances’ sake for endorsing political violence this blatantly if the tweets stayed up. But let’s memorialize them, just for ease of reference the next time some liberal claims that no one on the left with any following supports Antifa. King has more than a million followers on the platform, far more than most members of Congress. Not only does he support the group, he supports potentially lethal violence perpetrated by them aimed at certain targets.

Thank Alex Griswold for preserving them for posterity:

Note the description of Van Spronsen’s killing by police to stop an attack in progress as “murder.” I can’t find a screencap but reportedly King also tweeted, “Willem Van Spronsen just became the first martyr attempting to liberate imprisoned refugees from a for-profit detention center in Tacoma, Washington. His hero was John Brown -the white abolitionist who led the raid on harpers Ferry in 1859.” “Martyr” is … quite a word.

Here’s another from a few weeks ago via Jeryl Bier:

“Guarantee you if I were to write something valorizing someone who shot up an abortion clinic I would be hard-banned here so fast you wouldn’t even get to see my farewell tweet,” sniffed Jeff Blehar last night when King’s posts were circulating on Twitter, which is certainly true. How is it that King still has an account today? The best-case scenario here is that Twitter let him off with a warning. The worst-case is that they didn’t object at all, and King voluntarily deleted his tweet due to the flak he was getting. Either way, why does King walk while some pro-lifer demanding that abortion clinics be “liberated” through force would be burned at the virtual stake?

Also, has Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in yet on the Antifa attack? The way the game is played when a nutter from the right — or even not of the right, as in the case of Jared Loughner — attacks someone on the left is that mainstream Republican politicians are immediately called to account for the “climate of hate” their rhetoric has allegedly created. This imbecile spent the past month using her congressional perch to call ICE detention facilities “concentration camps” and the nut who tried to blow up the ICE facility in Tacoma seems to have taken it to heart. What decent person wouldn’t attempt a liberate an actual concentration camp if they could, after all?

Rebel Media is a right-wing outlet. AOC did eventually say at last night’s “Squad” press conference that “any act of violence is of course terrible” when she was asked about this by the Daily Caller — another right-wing outlet. Did even one “neutral” or left-wing media source request comment from her before these two did? It’s a much straighter line from “detention facilities are concentration camps” to attacking a detention facility than it was from Sarah Palin’s congressional crosshairs map in 2010 to Loughner’s insanity months later. Yet the wider media seemed much, much, much more interested in the latter than the former.

Maybe they were too busy yesterday asking Republican congressmen if they reject Trump’s “climate of hate” on Twitter to worry about whether AOC’s demagoguery is egging on progressives to literally kill people.

Anyway, there’ll be more of this because the far left is trash from top to bottom.