House to vote on resolution condemning Trump for "go back" tweets this afternoon; Update: Rules prevent calling POTUS a racist? Update: Pelosi out of order? Update: Dems bail Pelosi out; Update: Trump condemned, 240-187

Yeah, once the Squad decided they were going to start handing the GOP soundbites on this matter, I think Pelosi’s mind was made up about holding this vote ASAP and moving on to something else. Her attitude towards Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar is a mirror image of her attitude towards impeachment: She thinks Democrats are on track for victory next fall so long as they can refrain from handing Trump free turnout fuel for the right. If the election is a referendum on Trump then Dems win, Pelosi thinks. If it’s a referendum on whether Democrats are wild-eyed radicals, Trump wins. All Pelosi strategy flows from that.


In fact, all things being equal, I wonder if she’d prefer to skip this vote and just let Trump’s “go back to your home countries” tweets speak for themselves. But she can’t do that; the indirect rebuke Omar received by the House for her “dual loyalty” comments a few months ago requires that Trump be rebuked at least as harshly. So they’re going to put this resolution on the floor today, enjoy a moment of Democratic solidarity, and hopefully pivot to other business.

You’ll find the complete draft text at the last link. Key bit:

There’s a series of quotes from Reagan in the “Whereas” section extolling immigration as well. Will that entice the House GOP into voting for it? Ah, no:

“I believe this is about ideology,” says McCarthy. “This is about socialism versus freedom.” That’s the message Trump’s aides have been pushing as they scramble to clean up this mess, that Trump’s objection is fundamentally about the Squad’s leftism, not their race. Whether his aides actually believe that is a separate question:

Indeed, numerous campaign officials and White House allies were disappointed with Trump’s Sunday Twitter attack on four progressive congresswomen — Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

Several advisers and allies expressed concern that the president was undoing months of campaign work to frame the upcoming election as a choice between an America-loving, pro-capitalist president, and a Democratic Party beholden to fringe socialists who hate America and despise capitalism. The comments also had the ancillary effect of uniting a fractious Democratic Caucus that had spent the week engaged in intraparty squabbling between party leaders and the progressive members that Trump was going after.

“I’m disappointed he injected himself [in] Dem on Dem violence,” said a Republican who speaks with Trump regularly. “Anything the president does that distracts from the larger and broader issue is always a gift” for Democrats.


Trump’s initial series of tweets on Sunday did refer to “Progressive” Democratic congresswomen but he wasn’t focused on ideology. His point was that immigrant malcontents like Omar from “sh*thole countries” have no right to criticize the way a nation as great as America is run until they clean up their own backyards, and cultures. If all he wanted to say was that progressives hate America, he could have said that without bringing national origin into it. As Bill Kristol drily noted this morning on Twitter, it’s curious that progressives’ foremost modern idol, the extremely white Bernie Sanders, somehow escaped this “go back where you came from” critique from Trump whereas Omar and three native-born but dark-skinned Americans like AOC, Tlaib, and Pressley did not.

But the official party line from On High is that Trump is certainly not racist. Let any Republican member of Congress who dares conclude otherwise tremble at the thought of the primary they might endure for it.


I don’t know why he keeps coming back to their “filthy language,” an objection which even his most devout fans won’t take seriously coming from him. Just stick to their ideological sins. And if he’s going to quote that poll about AOC and Omar, he should at least describe it accurately. It was a poll of whites without a college degree — an important group and the core of Trump’s base, but not at all a fair sample of all Americans. Unless he thinks whites without a college degree are the only group whose opinion he should care about. Which, maybe he does.

Stand by for updates on the floor vote. It won’t be straight party-line, I expect: The few remaining GOP moderates, like Will Hurd, will probably cross over. But it’ll be mostly party-line. Exit question via Jonathan Last: If Republicans are afraid of criticizing Trump on this because it’ll break the party if they do, what do they make of the fact that … the party is already partly broken and seemingly on its way to being fully broken in time? “[I]f you disagree with President Trump on whether or not your political opponents should ‘go back to their own country’ then as of right now you are out of step with your party,” says Last. “And that bill will come due eventually.”

Update: Pelosi’s warming up for the vote.


Update: Nothing would be funnier than if Dems got tripped up by House rules of decorum in trying to rebuke Trump for telling a congresswoman to go back to Africa.

There’s some confusion as I write this over whether the rules bar the *resolution* from being voted on or merely Pelosi’s floor remarks introducing the resolution, since she described Trump as racist as well.

Update: Turning fiasco-y!

Update: What is going on?

Update: Sweet fancy Moses. The Speaker’s about to be rebuked!


Update: And there it is.

Is Pelosi now … barred from speaking on the floor of the House for the rest of the day? Kevin McCarthy says yes.

Update: Although Pelosi clearly broke the rules in calling Trump a racist, her caucus controls the House and therefore they’re going to protect her no matter what. Her words won’t be stricken from the record:

What a nifty irony that on a day they’re rebuking Trump for a breach of decorum, Dems just rubber-stamped their own leader’s breach of decorum.

Update: They’ve finally voted on denouncing Trump and it went party-line — almost. Justin Amash, the chamber’s lone independent, voted with Democrats along with four Republicans. One was indeed Will Hurd.

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