Meghan McCain on Graham and Trump's tweets: This is not the Lindsey Graham I used to know

Not the first time she’s expressed unhappiness with Graham on her show. But every shot to date, including this one, has been brief and saw McCain quickly change the subject. Clearly she doesn’t want to lay into a de facto member of the McCain family, a man whom she’s described in the past as tantamount to an uncle, on national television.

But just as clearly she’s finding it harder and harder to resist.

When is she finally going to snap and give us an irate 10-minute tirade about the distinguished senator and Trump golf caddy from South Carolina? It’s coming, just as surely as her calling Joy Behar a “bitch” on air was coming. Let loose already.

Here’s what set her off. Graham was asked how he felt about Trump’s “go back to your countries” tweet at Ilhan Omar and the Squad this morning on Fox:

They’re socialist open-borders trash, no question. But if you’re an American citizen you get to be what you want without being asked to leave, even if what you want to be is socialist open-borders trash.

The clip below, which aired this morning at 11 a.m. ET, ends with McCain and Whoopi Goldberg pleading with Republicans to say something critical of Trump, particularly black Republicans. Graham’s Senate colleague in South Carolina, Tim Scott, has since done that:

Rep. Will Hurd, who’s also Republican and African-American (and a frequent Trump critic), called the tweets “racist” and “xenophobic.” Whether that gives any other GOPers in the House or Senate cover to pile on remains to be seen. Mitch McConnell has promised to address the subject at tomorrow’s leadership press conference if he’s asked about it.

Which I’m kinda thinking he will be.

Here’s McCain. Exit quotation from Tim Miller: “The year is 2029. An elderly Lindsey Graham has become President AOC’s top GOP cheerleader and Instagram cooking assistant in the hopes he can convince her to advance regime change in Iran.” That was meant as a joke, but it’s barely a joke. There can’t be less than a 50 percent chance that it happens. One hundred percent if AOC actually gets elected.