Sunday morning talking heads

Sunday morning talking heads

Has LeBron James ever done “Meet the Press”? Tom Brady? It’s not a show that typically invites on athletes, even when their cultural footprint is enormous and has lasted for upwards of two decades. But James and Brady aren’t as perfect a fit culturally and politically for America’s media class as Megan Rapinoe, the Trump-hating soccer-playing dogmatically progressive star of America’s world-champion women’s team. She’ll be on this morning to dump on the president and make the case that women soccer players deserve the same pay as men even if they generate a fraction as much revenue.

Otherwise the subject du jour is immigration, with Mike Pence’s visit to a border detention facility on Friday likely to figure prominently. Ken Cuccinelli will sit down with “State of the Union” while Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of the Border Patrol, stops by “Face the Nation.” They’ll be asked why the stench at the facility Pence visited was “overpowering,” how long the round of immigration raids that are launching nationally today will last, and whether acting ICE director Kevin McAleenan really is being investigated for leaking the plans for the earlier round of raids which Trump was forced to cancel.

If that doesn’t grab you, today’s shows will also tackle the civil wars within both parties. The GOP civil war is almost over, with Trump mopping up small remaining pockets of resistance like Paul Ryan. Ryan pal Ron Johnson will be on “Meet the Press” to take stock of the surrender. The Democratic civil war is just heating up, though: Pelosi’s assistant Speaker, Rep. Ben Ray Lujan, will join “Fox News Sunday” to assess the unholy sh*tstorm that’s played out on Twitter and in the media over the last few days as Pelosi and her allies have brawled with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her friends in the Justice Democrats PAC.

As for the 2020 follies, the newest Democratic entrant into the race, Tom Steyer, will chat with “This Week” about his plan to waste $100 million competing in a race he won’t win. The full line-up is at the AP.

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