Heeeere's Jimmy: "The Shining," starring Jim Carrey, part three

One last entry in this growing genre to cleanse the palate at the end of a long week. Having done two famous scenes from the movie already with Carrey’s face substituted for Jack Nicholson’s, the deepfaker responsible for this series was destined to eventually take a shot at the most famous scene of all. I agree with the YouTube commenter who said this would have been perfect if only “Heeeeere’s Johnny” could have been replaced with “Alllllllllrighty then.”

Soon. Another year or two, figure, and the technology will be there.

Actually, this deepfake is interesting because it’s *not* perfect. It’s the most technically flawed of the three Carrey “Shining” clips I’ve posted this week. I don’t know whether the person who made it didn’t bother trying to swap in Carrey’s face for Nicholson’s in the side shots of Jack Torrance attacking the bathroom door with an axe or if the tech just doesn’t handle profile shots well yet, but to my eye that looks like Nicholson, not Carrey. You’ll see visual artifacts for a moment or two as well around Carrey’s face in the famous close-ups of Nicholson peeking through the hacked door and terrorizing Shelley Duvall. Whether that’s because this clip was rushed out or because close-ups are just inherently more difficult for face-swapping than shots taken from 10 feet away, when detail is less noticeable, I leave to the pros to say.

Next week are we gonna get Nicholson swapped in for Carrey in “Dumb & Dumber”? I might pay to see that.