Take two: "The Shining," starring Jim Carrey

An evening palate cleanser to follow up on this post from earlier in the week. There will come a point when these deepfake mindfarks become routine and lose the frisson of wonder which they currently inspire, probably sooner than we think.

But not yet. Not today.

The deepfake maestro who’s putting these together clearly has found a muse in the Carrey-for-Nicholson swap. This vid’s both better and worse than the one I posted a few days ago. Worse in the sense that the face-mapping isn’t quite as seamless here as it was in the previous clip. There are moments in this one in which Carrey’s face seems a touch too large for Nicholson’s head, to a slightly unnatural degree.

But better in the sense that this scene is iconic, which makes it that much trippier to see a different actor cast in the main part. It’s like watching the Obi-Wan/Vader lightsaber battle in “Star Wars” except with Patrick Stewart doing the honors instead of Alec Guinness.

They’ve gotta work on voice-swapping too, though. I want the full experience.