Sunday morning talking heads

The Sunday shows are chockablock this morning with 2020 contenders, although Kamala Harris isn’t among them as I write this on Saturday. By universal acclaim, she performed best among the 20 candidates at the debates; you’d think she’d want to be in front of the cameras this morning to capitalize on the buzz. Maybe she’ll be a late addition.

As it is, you’ve got Bernie Sanders on “This Week,” Cory Booker on “Meet the Press,” and Beto O’Rourke on “Face the Nation,” for starters. Two other candidates, Amy Klobuchar and Julian Castro, will make multiple appearances: Both will appear on “State of the Union,” with Klobuchar set for “Face the Nation” and Castro, the biggest overachiever on night one of the debates, scheduled for “This Week.” Booker must feel cursed by fate that Harris, not he, ended up onstage with Biden via the luck of the draw and got first crack at prosecuting the case against Uncle Joe for sins against wokeness. He tried to piggyback on Harris’s attack on Biden on Friday, complaining about something inoffensive Biden said about hoodies, but for the moment he’s reduced to being the other black candidate in the race. He’ll try to change that this morning.

As for poor Beto, I feel sorry for him the same way I feel sorry for someone who’s had a fling and realized only belatedly that his beloved was far less serious about it than he was. After all the romance of the Texas Senate race, he thought Democratic voters and their media mouthpieces were ready to accept his marriage proposal. Turns out it was just an affair that’s burned itself out, with Dem consensus seeming to have settled on him not being relationship material. Tragic. It ain’t right to put a man on the cover of “Vanity Fair,” ghost him, and then start flirting with all of his friends.

I mean, imagine being dumped for Pete Buttigieg.

As for Republicans, slim pickings this morning. Larry Kudlow will swing by “Face the Nation” and “Fox News Sunday” to discuss Trump possibly demoting or firing Fed chair Jerome Powell as well as the possibility of ending the trade war with China. And Lindsey Graham will be on “Face the Nation” to pregame Bob Mueller’s testimony before the House in a few weeks, assess the prospect of war with Iran, and elaborate on his novel legal theory that when someone’s accused of rape a simple denial is all that’s needed to dispense with the matter. The full line-up is at the AP.