Fun: House Dems at each other's throats after Pelosi cave on Senate border bill

I have no deep thoughts on this, I just figured it’d be fun to toast some marshmallows together over the flames after House Democrats decided yesterday to light their caucus on fire.

Follow the last link and read if you missed the news. Quick version: The House passed a bill to provide humanitarian aid to the border, then the Senate killed it and passed its own humanitarian bill with heavy bipartisan support. House progressives wanted to balk because the Senate bill didn’t include certain provisions they were demanding, like a 90-day limit to holding migrant children. But the moderates in the Dem caucus rebelled, opposing language in the House bill that would have reduced funding for ICE to fight human trafficking and insisting that the Senate bill — which drew dozens of Democratic votes in the upper chamber — would do just fine. Facing defeat on the floor and worried that further congressional inaction on immigration would hurt Dems in purple districts, Pelosi caved and called a vote on the Senate bill. It passed with more than 300 votes, including 129 Democrats.

At which point House progressives freaked the fark out.

Chakrabarti clarified later that he didn’t mean moderate Dems were intentionally racist, just racist in practice. Mark Pocan, another hard-left Democrat in the AOC mold, didn’t pull his punches either:

The Problem Solvers Caucus is a group of centrist Democrats and Republicans in the House. The Democratic side of it didn’t care for Pocan’s tweet and let him know:

Reps. Max Rose (D-N.Y.), and Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), both members of the Problem Solvers Caucus, confronted Pocan on the House floor over his tweet. According to sources familiar with the conversation, Rose used expletives, and Pocan said he did not apologize…

Rose, whom his party considers to be vulnerable in 2020, vented his frustration Thursday shortly after the exchange, calling Pocan’s tweet “crazy, crazy language.”

“Mark’s tweet just speaks to why everyone hates this place. He’s just trying to get retweets. That’s all he cares about,” Rose told POLITICO.

Pocan kept it going afterwards:

“The quote-unquote Problem Solvers Caucus, I think, threw us under the bus and undermined our position to actually be able to negotiate,” complained lefty Ruben Gallego, a point echoed by progressive mainstay Raul Grijalva. AOC herself grumbled afterward that “the Problem Solvers Caucus is emerging to be this tea party within our own Democratic Party,” adding that “I find their tactics to be extremely concerning. It’s horrifying. It’s horrifying.” That’s some mighty thick irony considering that it’s Ocasio-Cortez’s own far-left “Squad” in the freshmen class that tracks most closely with the tea party — they’re young, were elected in a wave election, occupy safe seats, are convinced that the country’s experiencing an ideological revolution that tracks with their own thinking, and are willing to cross their own party’s majority in the name of ideology, as AOC herself did on the first House immigration bill that passed this week. They’re purists, and if they had the numbers to thwart Pelosi they surely would have used the same tactics that the Problem Solvers Caucus did to pressure her to adopt their position on the Senate bill.

But they don’t, so they’re left to darkly imply that the centrists in their caucus are “horrifying” monsters:

Just eight of the 32 members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus voted in favor of the bill. Later the group issued an angry statement noting that “When the Congressional Hispanic Caucus members see suffering at the border, we see our children and our grandchildren.”

How’s Pelosi going to make it up to them? She’d better think of something or else the left is going to start playing hardball with her too. Exit quotation: “Pocan warned that it could fire up the 90-member Congressional Progressive Caucus to take more hard-line stances on key bills in the coming months.”