Trump: I'm very happy that certain senators who opposed me have gone on to greener, or maybe far less green, pastures

Time for a tedious debate about whether this was a shot at ex-senators like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker or Trump’s way of saying that he’s glad McCain is dead and that he’s probably in hell now. Either way, note that he said this at a faith forum.

Flake is treating it as at least a partial jab at him:

Right, no doubt Trump is happy to see him and Corker gone. But the thing about Flake and Corker is that, for all their criticism of Trump, they voted loyally with him and their party in the Senate. That was a core criticism of them among anti-Trumpers, in fact — they talked a good game but they never let their personal antipathy to Trump stop them from being good soldiers in floor votes. Offhand I can’t think of a single meaningful vote cast by either of them that made life difficult for Trump and McConnell. They were with the White House on ObamaCare repeal, on tax cuts, on the Gorsuch and Kavanaugh nominations. And that’s what Trump is talking about in the clip: Votes, not criticism.

There’s only one senator who’s since left the chamber who cast a vote that thwarted Trump on major legislation. That would be McCain, whose no vote on “skinny repeal” of ObamaCare was decisive in killing the bill and has been referenced many times since by Trump when complaining about him. And he complains about McCain frequently to this day, undeterred by the fact of the man’s death. Flake and Corker would draw an occasional pissy tweet or a one-liner at a Trump rally when they were in the Senate, but I can’t recall Trump attacking either of them at any point this year. The only ex-senator whom he still jabs at compulsively in public, even at appearances that have nothing to do with the subject, is Maverick. And now here he is riffing in front of a friendly audience about certain unnamed senators who caused him trouble in the context of votes and are now “gone” and maybe in a place that isn’t so nice and green.

I wonder who he meant.

Trump will deny that he meant McCain when he’s asked about this, knowing how awful it would look to admit it. There’s a reason he didn’t use names here. But c’mon: If we’re destined to debate this for a day, let’s at least skip the part where everyone pretends he isn’t mean-spirited enough to voice a sentiment like this and cut right to the part where everyone applauds him for being so mean-spirited. “Damn right McCain’s in hell.” Etc.

By the way, everything okay with POTUS today? Even by his usual standards, he seems a little … touchy:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday his lips are sealed about what he and Russian President Vladimir Putin say to each other behind closed doors…

“I will have a very good conversation with him,” Trump said, adding, “What I say to him is none of your business.”

What America’s president says to Russia’s president is every American’s business, especially after the latter interfered in the election that got the former elected. A brief readout of their chat would be par for the course for other administrations. There was this too:

I figured we wouldn’t see him flaming a sports star for culture-war offenses until next summer. Did he get some bad Russiagate news behind the scenes this morning or something? Maybe he’s just amped up for tonight’s Democratic debate and has his troll game face on early.