A comic masterpiece: The GE smart bulb reset video

To cleanse the palate, via Josh Jordan, the best piece of unintentional comedy I’ve seen since the legendary Robert Kelly office invasion.

This is, apparently, 100 percent genuine. It’s hosted on GE’s YouTube page. If you buy a GE smart bulb — which you won’t after you watch — these are the bona fide instructions you’ll use on how to reset it.

I won’t spoil the joke except to say that it works better because it lacks a punchline. The first half plays like a fake ad on SNL, absurd and exasperating but seeming to escalate towards some sort of over-the-top catharsis in the second half. (“Step 15: Now stick the lightbulb in your mouth.”) But no, no catharsis. Just absurdity, prolonged to the point of hysterical madness.

Jordan notes that GE’s instructions on what to do if the reset doesn’t work the first time is to … try it again. And be more precise about the intervals next time.

Because everything that’s enjoyable online must inspire a bad contrarian take, after you watch be sure to read Cnet’s argument for why this is perfectly rational and even Good.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on December 09, 2022