Dem rep's House speech: I'm tired of hearing about abortion from "sex-starved males on this floor"

I consider this progress. The left’s standard position is that no man, sex-starved or otherwise, is entitled to help set policy on abortion.

Congrats to the bros who are getting laid regularly on their new role in this wrenching debate.

As for the rest of us, for the record: We’re not “sex-starved, ” we’re sex-peckish.

A weird thing about this clip is that Rob Woodall, the Republican congressman who interrupted her, actually did her a favor of sorts by doing so. If she hadn’t retracted, the House could have gagged her for the rest of the afternoon. Then we’d have to wade through a flood of terrible lefty thinkpieces tomorrow about Norma Torres being silenced for speaking feminist truth to patriarchal power, etc etc.

So, really, Rob Woodall did us all a favor:

Her remarks triggered audible outrage — and numerous calls for a point of order — from the Republican side of the chamber. But longtime Rules Committee member Rob Woodall, R-Ga., got the presiding officer’s attention first and gave his Rules Committee colleague a chance to, shall we say, clarify her words…

Torres at that point could have been at risk of being silenced for the entire day, as Republicans could have requested striking her words from the record. A day of silence is part of the consequence if the words are “ruled out of order,” according to the Congressional Research Service.

But Woodall kept requests from other members at bay, and allowed Torres to again propose withdrawing her statement — this time without the inflammatory commentary about GOP colleagues. Torres then rephrased her views.

Why’d she cuck out and withdraw what she said right after saying it? All she had to do to become a viral sensation and overnight star among online lefty idiots was to double down and show defiance. Silencing her for being “out of order” would have been the icing on the cake of her new hero-martyr status in progressive media for the next 24 hours. This was a missed opportunity for five minutes of free airtime on the Rachel Maddow Show.

Anyway, for the record, Republicans have better sex lives than Democrats. Although that’s probably due to marital status: Democrats have more singles than Republicans do, singles are stuck going without sex periodically, ergo GOPers are less likely to be “sex-starved.”