Hillary: There's a classic pattern to fascism and we're seeing some of it play out right now

Via Breitbart and RCP, I haven’t adjusted yet to the fact that the narrative of the 2020 election, per the attack lines from each side, will be Fascism vs. Socialism.

That’s always the *subtext* of elections, particularly presidential ones. But this time it’ll be the text. No euphemisms. We may even have an avowed socialist at the top of the Democratic ballot, for cripes sake.

According to a new poll from Axios, the ladies have made their choice:

A Harris poll for “Axios on HBO” finds that socialism is gaining popularity: 4 in 10 Americans say they would prefer living in a socialist country over a capitalist one.

Why it matters: Socialism is losing its Soviet-era stigma, especially among women. Popular Democratic socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders are bringing new life and meaning to the term.

55% of women between 18 and 54 would prefer to live in a socialist country than a capitalist country

“We’ve seen this pattern of behavior where women are turning out in higher numbers as voters and as candidates than we’ve ever seen. They’re getting elected in higher numbers than before. They’re pushing the conversation in different ways,” Axios’ Alexi McCammond noted on “Axios on HBO.”

As always with polls about socialism, the big caveat is that different people define the term in different ways. Fewer than half in this poll (48 percent) defined a socialist political system as one in which “workers own and control their places of employment,” the traditional understanding. More than three-quarters, conversely, say that a socialist political system means universal health care. I think the general understanding now, after eight years of complementary left-wing and right-wing messaging during the Obama era, is something like “much greater government influence over private industry, especially when it comes to guaranteeing basic needs like health care and education.” No one, or practically no one, is demanding that workers own the means of production.

Although if we elect Bernie and AOC’s star continues to rise, who knows? Their policy ambitions aren’t modest. There’s a “classic pattern” to socialism too.

Is this going to be Hillary’s role in next year’s campaign, by the way — sporadically popping up on the trail here and there, and on television, to call the president a fascist? The nominee will want to put that message out there but maybe not with this messenger. She’s too unpopular, and dark insinuations about Trump and his fans veer way too close to the “deplorables” comment that may have cost her the election in 2016. Put a mic in Clinton’s hand and start her chattering about Trump’s appeal and there’s no telling where the conversation might go. She’s insulted red-staters more than once, remember.