Reason TV's 2020 election blowout: Would you buy a used presidential candidate from either of these men?

An early-afternoon palate cleanser. One side’s making promises it can’t conceivably keep, the other side’s promising nothing except tax cuts and a few miles of border wall.

Just like any other modern presidential election, really, except for the wall part.

New from CNN: Is the “price” dropping on the Democratic answer to the Model T, Joe Biden?

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to be the top pick for the Democratic nomination for president among Democrats and Democratic-leaning registered voters, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, but his support has faded some since just after the official launch of his campaign…

The poll finds 32% support Biden, down from 39% saying they supported him in an April CNN poll. That survey was fielded in the days immediately following Biden’s formal entry into the race. Since then, the former vice president has been running with an eye toward protecting his early advantages, making fewer public appearances than his fellow candidates even as they begin to turn their fire on him.

I’m tempted to say that Biden’s honeymoon period with primary voters after his campaign launch is over but other polls don’t bear that out. Morning Consult’s new national poll has him steady at 38 percent, nearly 20 points better than Bernie Sanders. Two other polls published since Saturday have him at 35-36 percent. How’s Biden doing it? With oldies, it turns out. The CNN poll has him trailing Sanders by seven points among voters under 45 years old (which probably explains why Biden just signed on to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, to rehab himself a bit amount younger Democrats). Among Dems 45 and older, though? Biden 45, Sanders 10.

Aging liberals love their Model T. You can keep those newfangled models, like the, er, 77-year-old unreconstructed socialist grandpa from New England.