Trump: I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected

Rarely do you see something drift by on Twitter which you realize instantly will end up as the epigraph for dozens of as-yet-unwritten history books.

Was Dan Scavino drunk when he drafted this?

Normally Trump is so allergic to the idea that Russia contributed to his victory that he’ll tell you Moscow wanted Hillary to win, never mind the selective leaking of the DNC and Podesta emails or the fact that Clinton was far less likely to weaken NATO as president. He’s speculated repeatedly that the 2016 hackings might have been perpetrated by some 400-pound lone wolf sitting in his basement even though everyone else in his administration blames Russia because it bothers him *that much* to have people thinking he owes his win to some foreign power. The idea of having to share credit with Putin for his presidency is so intolerable to him that Kirstjen Nielsen was allegedly warned not to broach the subject of 2020 cybersecurity with him, as it’s simply too sore.

You don’t expect “Russia helped me to get elected” to show up in a Trump tweet, is what I’m saying. Which is why I think Scavino, in a moment of absent-mindedness, must have been the culprit. Look how annoyed Trump himself was at being asked about the comment during this morning’s gaggle with reporters:

Prediction: Scavino will soon be “promoted” from White House social media director to presidential caddie.

Trump’s campaign manager is mad at the media for seizing on his “typo”:

What’s the alleged “typo”? I think Parscale means to say that Trump (or Scavino) neglected to include the word “supposedly” in their tweet. POTUS was making a point about left-wing Russiagate narratives; one part of that narrative is that Russia’s meddling materially affected the outcome of the election and the other part is that Trump colluded somehow to make it happen. Trump’s point in the tweet, I think, is that the entire narrative is false. But he only specified the falsity of the second part, not the first.

When he’s asked about this in the future, he should stick with the simple truth: The only truly meaningful help he received in getting elected was from Hillary Clinton herself, from taking the midwest for granted to insulting Trump’s fans as “deplorables” to saddling herself with enough scandal baggage that Comey was able to blow her up in the final weeks by re-opening a criminal investigation into her handling of classified material. That’s a hard narrative for Trump to swallow too, that he owes his win in large part to having been gifted with a weak opponent, but it’s obviously correct. And at least it doesn’t lend itself to Resistance theories that he’s a KGB agent or whatever.