Warren doubles down: It's time to stop Fox News's "hate-for-profit machine" -- by sending me your money

Once again I’m left feeling like Ralphie in “A Christmas Story” after he finally gets the Li’l Orphan Annie decoder pin.

Warren’s big anti-Fox-News play was … a crummy commercial?

She did warn us that she’s a capitalist.

In case you’re the sort of chump who’s willing to join a campaign’s email list to reward them for a well-executed PR stunt, she’s also touting a link to her website where you can sign an, ahem, “petition” to “Take a stand against an outlet that profits from racism and hate”:

Her “no Fox News” policy, recent though it is, seems to have been well received on activist left-wing websites today, which of course was the point. It’s not easy to get to Bernie’s left on anything but his decision to legitimize Trump TV by doing a town hall there — after his nemeses at the DNC had ruled the network out of hosting any Democratic primary debates — was an opportunity. And it might have legs. Unquestionably, Warren attacked Fox this morning in the hope that one or more primetime hosts would take the bait and attack her back. Nothing would make her happier than a week-long feud with Tucker and Hannity that reminds the left day by day that “she fights!” — specifically, she fights right-wing outlets which progressives have despised forever yet whose megaphone Bernie Sanders was all too eager to use. Hannity’s website has already noted her criticism. Presumably he’ll have more to say on air tonight. Then Warren will send out another fundraising email tomorrow citing his criticism of her and away we’ll go.

How eager is she to bait Fox primetime into making her an arch-villain? Behold:


A scary graphic singling out individual hosts accompanied by language about “stopping” a media outlet would have earned some stern words about incitement and the First Amendment from our journalism guild had it come from a Republican, and not just Trump. Warren will be given a pass because, well, the rules for Democrats are different. Exit question: Which Trumpian nickname should Warren concoct to ridicule Bernie for his FNC town hall? I think “Fox cuck” has a nice ring to it.