Hoo boy: The "Loqueesha" trailer

Something different to end the week. Haven’t heard of “Loqueesha” yet? I hadn’t either until late this afternoon.

We’ll all be hearing more about it next week, I reckon.

Reaction on Twitter is mainly disbelief that it’s real. When I saw the poster, I thought it was a goof too. It is not. I’m curious about the movie to this extent: Is it just what it seems, a broad rip-off of “Soul Man” with a touch of gender-bending, or is there something more subversive to its treatment of “cultural appropriation”? The YouTube caption touts it as “a movie of the moment” and promises “a comical take on our current socio-political climate,” which sounds pretty ambitious for what looks to be an ultra-lowbrow comedy about a middle-aged white bro trying to do a “sassy” black woman’s voice for an hour and a half.

No doubt it ends with the main character contrite about his racial sins and newly sensitive to the prejudices that blacks have to deal with. That’s how “Soul Man” got away with its own comic salute to blackface. But it wasn’t really the protagonist’s contrition that made that film viable; it was the fact that it came out in 1986. A last-minute racial epiphany by the star won’t keep the heat off in 2019, which makes me wonder what the endgame is. Maybe there is no contrition and it’s actually some “sorry not sorry” thing in which the lead actor, who also wrote and directed, is trying to make a name for himself by being unapologetically “politically incorrect.” I can’t imagine why else you’d want to make a movie like this in this age unless the point is to pick a fight with the woke brigades.

Goes to show that you should never give up on your dream, though. If you’ve ever had the thought that a rudimentary ability to mimic black vernacular couldn’t possibly support a feature-length film, know that not everyone is as defeatist as you are.