Pelosi: Trump's actions are becoming "self-impeachable"

I … don’t know what this means. Neither does WaPo. Neither does Mediaite. Neither does Slate.

I think she means “self-evidently impeachable.” That is, between the obstruction material in Mueller’s report and the White House’s comprehensive stonewalling of House investigations, Democrats no longer need to strain to convince the public that they’re within their rights to try to oust him. It’s obvious, says Nancy. For cripes sake, even John Yoo is uncomfortable with the extent of Trump’s assertions of executive power.

That’s like Trump walking into a beauty-pageant changing room and deciding there are “too many” half-dressed women there.

John Yoo, a law professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and a former official in the George W. Bush administration, said Mr. Trump’s approach was novel and dangerous.

“The thing that’s unusual is the blanket refusal,” Professor Yoo said. “It would be extraordinary if the president actually were to try to stop all congressional testimony on subpoenaed issues. That would actually be unprecedented if it were a complete ban.”

“He’s treating Congress like they’re the Chinese or a local labor union working on a Trump building,” he said.

The wrinkle here is that Pelosi is famously opposed to impeachment, or so I thought. Almost in the same breath in this clip she notes that POTUS is trying to “goad” Congress into impeaching him, knowing that Senate Republicans will defeat any attempt to remove him and that Republican voters will draw motivation for 2020 from the effort. Does “self-impeachable” mean that she’s changing her stance, that Trump is leaving the House with no choice but to act?

Or does it mean that Trump’s essentially going to end up removing himself from office by so alienating voters with his stonewalling that they’ll toss him out on his ear next fall? Democrats don’t have to impeach him, in other words — Trump is going to impeach himself by angering the electorate.

I think she’s just stonewalling too at this point. The left is spoiling for her to impeach, she doesn’t want to, so voila: “Self-impeachment.” Sounds promising! What does it mean? She’ll get back to you later, progressives.