Cher: We're not really going to let murderers and child molesters vote from prison, are we?

Nine days ago she was freaking out about Trump dumping illegals into her hometown. Last night she was freaking out about Bernie Sanders wanting to let felons vote.

Literally the only good thing that will come from this election cycle is watching Cher turn into a Republican. In real time, on Twitter.

This ideological journey can only end with her performing at Trump’s second inaugural. What more apt anthem could there be for the Make America Great Again crowd than “If I Could Turn Back Time”?

In the meantime, though, having sinned against wokeness not once but twice recently, she came under pressure last night from her lefty fans not to cross Bernie. In due course she deleted her tweet and began apologizing:

So she *does* think felons should vote, or just nonviolent felons? Or all felons minus bombers and child molesters?

We need clarity because apparently We As A People are about to have a national conversation about the injustice of child molesters not voting, thanks to Bernie Sanders and the left.

I feel like it’s a bad sign for progressives that CNN anchors, normally so quick to take sides against Trump, are themselves sufficiently weirded out by this idea that they’re handing the RNC footage like this to post.