Out: AOC. In: Li'l AOC.

Something cute to cleanse the palate in case you missed it over the weekend.


I bet she’s already being mentioned 76 times a day on Li’l Fox News.

Big AOC hasn’t tweeted about her mini-me as of 3:30 ET despite the fact that the clip’s been making the rounds in righty media for days. She could tweet it and laugh it off except (a) the joke here is that she’s a moron and (b) AOC’s brand is grievance. If she does deign to acknowledge this, my guess is that it’ll be appended with some more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger lament about the haters politicizing their adorable children.

As for this little one, I’m guessing she’ll end up on Fox News this week and, after a few more clips, at CPAC next year. And then in 10 years someone will do a “Where are they now?” feature and she’ll be a socialist college student who’s actually a big fan of AOC for real.

This isn’t the most amusing Ocasio-Cortez goof of the week, by the way. This one gave me a chuckle:


Snopes felt obliged to write that up and formally notify the public that no, AOC was never actually a contestant on “The Price Is Right” who believes that everything is free. Although I can see how people who’ve read about the Green New Deal might be under that impression.

Exit question: Who’s the mysterious multi-millionaire preparing to spend big in Ocasio-Cortez’s D+29 district to try to elect an, ahem, Republican there? Give your money to li’l AOC and pay for her education, buddy. At least then it won’t be wasted.