Have you noticed how millionaire Bernie Sanders complains less about millionaires now, asks ... Think Progress?

Via the Free Beacon, the spectacle of one of the most prominent liberal sites on the ‘net targeting the most progressive Democrat in the race — for being a phony class warrior, of all things — has left me momentarily trapped inside a Clickhole headline.

The whole thing is a joy, starting with Jessica Goldstein’s post at Think Progress that accompanies the video below. “Turns out railing against ‘millionaires and billionaires’ can be quite the lucrative enterprise,” she sniffs about Sanders’s wealth, going on to note that the left’s favorite millionaire has “spent the better part of his career saying ‘millionaires’ like it’s a slur.” True! But then, realizing she’s gone too far for a readership that’s overwhelmingly favorable to Sanders, she downshifts into grousing that it’s pointless for him to release his tax returns in hopes of pressuring an unethical slug like Trump to do the same. Would a little Trump-bashing tacked on to the end be enough to redeem her wrongthink to TP’s progressive audience?

Judging by the comments on the video’s YouTube page, where it currently has 80 thumbs up and 1,200 thumbs down, it would not be.

“It did not go unnoticed [on the left] that the video was being gleefully passed around by GOP operatives on Twitter,” the Daily Beast observes. To make this even weirder, the former editor-in-chief of Think Progress, Faiz Shakir, is now … Bernie Sanders’s campaign manager. Why would TP burn some of its ideological cred for a Republican-friendly hit on progressive America’s favorite politician?

Possible answer: Think Progress is an arm of the Center for American Progress and CAP is led by Neera Tanden, a former advisor to — ta da — Sanders nemesis Hillary Clinton. Tanden has insisted in the past that she likes Sanders and has no candidate in 2020, but lefties are suspicious of her given the bad blood between Bernie and Hillary. Some have accused her of supporting Beto O’Rourke, a potential threat to Bernie 2020 who was targeted early by Sanders supporters. Tanden has also complained (not unfairly) about Bernie cultists’ habit of attacking more centrist candidates, something with which she’s familiar from 2016. Maybe Tanden nudged Goldstein and/or the rest of the staff not to decline easy lay-ups on Sanders when they’re available. And this one was an easy one.

Anyway, the clip is fun. To think, all it would have taken to derail Bernie’s glorious socialist movement was for some fatcats to hand him a billion dollars, leaving him with no one in society to scapegoat. Maybe the Kochs can take up a collection now among the billionaire class, have everyone chip in a few mil and cut him a check. Although if I were Sanders, I’d turn them down: Any commissar with the barest grasp of history knows that the real money comes after the revolution happens.

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Jazz Shaw 9:21 AM on June 09, 2023