New Democratic talking point: Did you hear that Trump called asylum-seekers "animals"?

It’s amazing how many big-name Dems and media types leaped at the blithe assertion in the tweet below. Alex Griswold of the Free Beacon is keeping a running tally. Among others, there’s DNC chair Tom Perez, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ben Rhodes, even New York Times reporters whose profession ostensibly involves fact-checking things. Watch:

If that clip seems familiar, there’s a reason: It’s almost a year old. And Trump wasn’t referring to asylum-seekers as “animals.” He was answering a question posed to him by a sheriff specifically about MS-13, as some news outlets forthrightly noted at the time. It goes to show how short political attention spans are in 2019 that none of the lefties harrumphing over this clip remembered Trump’s comments from last year, since there were days of “controversy” over it then too. The media naturally did its best to distort what he said but Trump clarified that it was in fact MS-13, not everyone seeking entry into the U.S., whom he was describing. Pelosi was reduced to grumbling that even degenerate gang members have the spark of divinity in them, but the public took Trump’s side in the dispute. The RNC even got some attack ad footage out of the mess, as you’ll see below.

Am I giving them too much credit in assuming that they forgot all of this? It’s not a memory problem, it’s a bad-faith attack in the cynical belief that only one percent of the people who retweeted Elliott’s tweet will ever encounter the truth, right? Our politics is trash.

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David Strom 5:21 PM on June 02, 2023