Annoyed Meghan McCain vs. Joy Behar: Nominate a socialist for president and you'll get Trump reelected

Via Contemptor, as you’re about to see, the Meg/Joy dynamic has moved over time from entertainingly tense to uncomfortably tense.

It used to be watchable in a “drunk girls fighting in a bar” way. Now it’s watchable in a “drunk guys fighting in a bar” way.

You just hope no one dies by the time the interaction’s over.

I think the siege mentality of being the only Republican on the panel is getting to her, even though she’s not the only Republican on the panel anymore. Abby Huntsman counts as at least half a Republican, right? But Abby’s presence doesn’t change the studio audience, which knows that it’s supposed to seal-clap whenever someone (a) attacks Trump or (b) extols the progressive agenda. It’s one thing to be surrounded by liberals, it’s another to be surrounded by boring, predictable liberals. I think having to listen to the 8,000th iteration of the canard that Obama’s administration never had any scandals — which tends to mean in Democratic parlance that Obama’s administration never did anything wrong, period — finally broke McCain today.

And so, having watched both of these clips, I’m pleased to say that the pool is officially open: On which date will Meg finally walk off the set in the middle of a show in disgust? I’m going to take May 1, a.k.a. May Day. Joy will be in high spirits for the occasion, naturally, and will be more likely than ever to say something that crosses the line.